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New P8000 SERIES
Cartidge Ribbon
Line Matrix Printers
 P8P05 - 500 lpm (Pedestal) 
 P8T05 - 500 lpm (Table Top) 
 P8Z05 - 500 lpm (Zero Tear) 
 P8C05 - 500 lpm (Cabinet) 
 P8P10 - 1000 lpm (Pedestal) 
 P8Z10 - 1000 lpm (Zero Tear) 
 P8T10 - 1000 lpm (Table Top) 
 P8C10 - 1000 lpm (Cabinet)
 P8C15 - 1500 lpm (Cabinet) 
 P8S15 - 1500 lpm (SureStak) 
 P8C20 - 2000 lpm (Cabinet) 
 P8S20-- 2000 lpm (SureStak) 
 P8PHD - High Density (Pedestal)  
 P8CHD - High Density (Cabinet)  
 P8ZHD - High Density (Zero Tear)
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Refurbished P7000
Spool or Cartridge Ribbon
Line Matrix Printers

 P7005 - Refurb. 500 lpm (Pedestal) 
 P7005ZT -Refurb. 500 lpm (Zero Tear) 
 P7205 - Refurb. 500 lpm (Cabinet) 
 P7010 - Refurb. 1000 lpm (Pedestal) 
 P7010ZT - Refurb. 1000 lpm (Zero Tear) 
 P7210 - Refurb. 1000 lpm (Cabinet) 
 P7015 - Refurb. 1500 lpm (Pedestal) 
 P7015ZT - Refurb. 1500 lpm (Zero Tear) 
 P7215 - Refurb. 1500 lpm (Cabinet) 
 P7220 - Refurb. 2000 lpm (Cabinet) 
 P7000HD - Refurb. Hi Density (Pedestal)  
 P7200HD - Refurb. Hi Density (Cabinet)  
 P7000HDZT -Refurb. Hi Density(Zero Tear) 

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P8 Series OpenPrint High Density PostScript and PDF
Graphics Line matrix Printer
with RS232C / USB and Cartridge Ribbon
180 x 180 dpi at 79 inches per minute

New Printer
Available September 2013

 P8000 Brochure

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Pedastal Zero Tear


P/N P8ZPH-0100-000

Cabinet Style


P/N P8CPH-0100-000



P/N P8PHD-0100-000

Includes 90 day On-site Warranty Parts and Labor
Part number shown is for Cartridge Ribbon Printer with RS232C and USB interfaces

OpenPrint™ - The World's only PostScript and PDF® Line Matrix Printer

The OpenPrint Cartridge Series allows the printer to communicate directly with today's modern enterprise
resource planning (ERP) environments, including Oracle®, SAP®, Linux®, and Windows®. With OpenPrint, PDF or PostScript files can be sent directly to the printer without hard-coding or special drivers. Output quality is improved because it utilizes PostScript image and graphic capabilities as well as sure scan bar code software.

OpenPrint technology provides improved fine point text and fonts - from six point to poster size. It also
improves the rendering of bar codes within the printer resulting in enhanced form readability and utility.


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