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Line Matrix Printers
 P7005 - 500 lpm (Pedestal) 
 P7005ZT - 500 lpm (Zero Tear) 
 P7205 - 500 lpm (Cabinet) 
 P7010 - 1000 lpm (Pedestal) 
 P7010ZT - 1000 lpm (Zero Tear) 
 P7210 - 1000 lpm (Cabinet) 
 P7210-SS - 1000 lpm (SureStak) 
 P7015 - 1500 lpm (Pedestal) 
 P7015ZT - 1500 lpm (Zero Tear) 
 P7215 - 1500 lpm (Cabinet) 
 P7215-SS - 1500 lpm (SureStak) 
 P7220 - 2000 lpm (Cabinet) 
 P7220-SS - 2000 lpm (SureStak) 
 P7000HD - High Density (Pedestal)  
 P7200HD - High Density (Cabinet)  
 P7000HDZT - High Density (Zero Tear) 
 P7000 Series Printer Price List  
 P7000 Ribbon Price List  
 P7000 Maintenance Contracts  
 P5005B - Refurb 500 lpm (Pedestal) 
 P5205 - Refurb 500 lpm (Cabinet) 
 P5010 - Refurb 500 lpm (Pedestal) 
 P5210 - Refurb 1000 lpm (Cabinet) 
 P5215 - Refurb 1000 lpm (Cabinet) 
 P5220S - Refurb 2000 lpm (Cabinet) 
 P5220S-SS - Refurb 2000 lpm (SureStak) 
 P5000 Series Printer Price List  
 P5000 Ribbon Price List  
 P5000 Maintenance Contracts  

Tractor Feed Laser Printers
 L7032 Toner + Supplies Price List 
 L1524 Toner + Supplies Price List 

DATAcap, Inc. Products
 NPT100 Network Printer Tester  
 2400CL Current Loop Interface  
 2400AB Answerback Interface  
 3253 Keyboard-Printer Interface  
 110P SSI-Parallel Printer Adapter  
 3261 SSI-Parallel Printer Adapter  
 6541 4/8 SSI Port 3270 Controller  
 Datacap Products Price List  
Telephone Technical Support

Telephone based TECHNICAL SUPPORT is provided at no charge for the life of any product purchased from DATAcap. Our engineers have a combined total of over 100 years of experience solving data communication and printing problems. No other company offers access to this level of expertise without charge.

The toll free DATAcap number for sales and technical questions is available Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 3:30pm Pacific Time. When you call 1-800-795-5431 between those hours, you will never reach a voice mail system. At least one of us will always be available to address your concerns.


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