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New P8000 SERIES
Cartidge Ribbon
Line Matrix Printers
 P8P05 - 500 lpm (Pedestal) 
 P8T05 - 500 lpm (Table Top) 
 P8Z05 - 500 lpm (Zero Tear) 
 P8C05 - 500 lpm (Cabinet) 
 P8P10 - 1000 lpm (Pedestal) 
 P8Z10 - 1000 lpm (Zero Tear) 
 P8T10 - 1000 lpm (Table Top) 
 P8C10 - 1000 lpm (Cabinet)
 P8C15 - 1500 lpm (Cabinet) 
 P8S15 - 1500 lpm (SureStak) 
 P8C20 - 2000 lpm (Cabinet) 
 P8S20-- 2000 lpm (SureStak) 
 P8PHD - High Density (Pedestal)  
 P8CHD - High Density (Cabinet)  
 P8ZHD - High Density (Zero Tear)
 P8 Cartridge Printer Price List  
 P8, P7 Cartidge Ribbon Price List  
 P8 Maintenance Contracts

Refurbished P7000
Spool or Cartridge Ribbon
Line Matrix Printers

 P7005 - Refurb. 500 lpm (Pedestal) 
 P7005ZT -Refurb. 500 lpm (Zero Tear) 
 P7205 - Refurb. 500 lpm (Cabinet) 
 P7010 - Refurb. 1000 lpm (Pedestal) 
 P7010ZT - Refurb. 1000 lpm (Zero Tear) 
 P7210 - Refurb. 1000 lpm (Cabinet) 
 P7015 - Refurb. 1500 lpm (Pedestal) 
 P7015ZT - Refurb. 1500 lpm (Zero Tear) 
 P7215 - Refurb. 1500 lpm (Cabinet) 
 P7220 - Refurb. 2000 lpm (Cabinet) 
 P7000HD - Refurb. Hi Density (Pedestal)  
 P7200HD - Refurb. Hi Density (Cabinet)  
 P7000HDZT -Refurb. Hi Density(Zero Tear) 

 P7000 Refurb. Spool Printer Price List  
 P7000 Spool Ribbon Price List
 P7000 Maintenance Contracts

 P5000 Ribbon Price List  

Tractor Feed Laser Printers
 L7032 Toner + Supplies Price List 
 L1524 Toner + Supplies Price List 

P7000 Buy Ribbons

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Line Matrix printing speeds from 500 line per minute up to 2000 lines per minute
New and Refurbished Line Matrix Printers

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